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Cashmere Jumper

The ultimate in luxury knitwear. This 100% Cashmere jumper is made from the finest yarns available, sourced from Todd & Duncan in Scotland. It is then seamlessly knitted near Edinburgh.

Seam free whole garment crafting means the jumper is knitted as a tube, and then linked together. This process creates less waste material, and means there is little chance of dropped stitches.

All this tied together creates a piece of knitwear which is made British, and built to last.

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In all the photographs both Dan and Matt are wearing size Large. Matt with the brown hair has a chest size of 42" and is 6'1" Dan with the blond hair has a chest of 40" and is also 6'1". Billy with the red hair wears a medium. He's 6'0" with a chest of 37".

For those with a chest larger than 43", we suggest you go with the XL.

Caring for your garment

In order to keep your garment in premium condition it's important to look after it. When it comes to washing, we recommend you hand wash your jumper with mild wool detergent and water temperature up to 30 degrees. You should then rinse it until the detergent is removed. Once you have done this, squeeze any excess water out.

To dry your cashmere jumper, lay out a towel and place the jumper on top. Re-shape the jumper so that it resembles how it was before the wash. Now leave it to air dry naturally.

Make it well and make it last

We are on a mission to simplify wardrobes by ending the cycle of fast fashion driven by seasonality. We create timeless designs that outlive trends and which are of the highest quality craftsmanship and materials. We take a different approach to clothing: make it well and make it last. In doing so, protect the planet’s precious natural resources.

Responsible manufacturing methods and end of life recycling are important aspects of sustainability. But by opting for quality, and repairing items when we can, we also reduce the need to replace items of poor quality. Consequently, we reduce our environmental impact.


We believe that all things should last as long as physically possible. Thats why we’re excited to announce that we will soon be launching our knitwear repair and recondition service. This means that if any unfortunate accidents befall your Sims Wear jumper, you can send it back to us to be repaired.

Whether it’s patches on the elbows, or simply a hole which can be darned, most issues, if caught early enough, can be fixed. For more information about why we we're doing this, head over to our repair section in the menswear dropdown.