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  • 08 Feb 2023

We took over Portobello Market

We took a wonder down Portobello Market to see what people thought of our jumpers, and ask if we could take some pictures of them wearing them.

A local stall holder who sells vintage designer sunglasses.

A well dressed passer bye.

These two guys were hanging out together.

Both already extremely well dressed.

Portobello Road is naturally known for being one of London's best street markets.

While you can't quite buy and old Merc 280 you can find almost anything else, from vintage designer sunglasses to posh mushrooms.

Tom the Mushroom Man is known locally for always having the best and freshest fungi on offer. He can tell just by the order what recipe someone's cooking: 750g Chestnut, 500g Oyster and 50g Wild? That'll be the Ottolenghi Mushroom Lasagna.

Seen here wearing the Cornflower Blue in Lambswool. "I could do with one of these"

This guy dressed a Sims Wear in a style we haven't seen before - we like it.

George from Flax London choosing the cravat to smarten up.

While this gentleman isn't wearing any Sims Wear, he does happen to be the legendary fashion photographer Jonathan Root. He was so well dressed we thought we had to take his picture for some future inspiration.

All pictures taken on medium format film.