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Fine foundations

At Sims Wear, we are committed to creating everyday garments of uncompromising quality. Our small collection of understated pieces for men are manufactured exclusively in the British Isles using the highest grade raw materials, from pure Cashmere Yarn to Superfine Lamb’s Wool to 100% Supima Cotton. When you buy an item of clothing from Sims Wear, you are buying an entirely natural product, manufactured in British mills and factories to the highest ethical standards.

Make it well and make it last

We are on a mission to simplify wardrobes by ending the cycle of fast fashion driven by seasonality. We create timeless designs that outlive trends and which are of the highest quality craftsmanship and materials. We take a different approach to clothing: make it well and make it last. In doing so, protect the planet’s precious natural resources.

Responsible manufacturing methods and end of life recycling are important aspects of sustainability. But by opting for quality, and repairing items when we can, we also reduce the need to replace items of poor quality. Consequently, we reduce our environmental impact.

Matt at Gliffaes Hotel

Dan on the Land Rover

Several years ago before moving to Milan for work, our founder Billy thought he’d discovered the perfect jumper. A classic, super-soft navy blue cashmere crew-neck from a premium British retailer. It fit beautifully, felt great on, and would go with everything. Reading the article below will give you an insight into how that eventually lead to him to creating Sims Wear today.

The jumper that started it all.

The jumper that started it all.

A short introduction to the story of Sims Wear. We talk about the jumper that started it all and the process of discovery which followed up until now.