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How do the jumpers wash?

Both Wool and Cashmere are natural protein fibres. They are naturally antibacterial and door-resistant (have a look at our The Magic of Merino article), and need only to be washed sparingly

We recommend you air out your woolies to minimise washing - this means hang them over the back of a chair outside on a dry night. When you do want to wash them, you should use a soft enzyme-free detergent such as Woolite or The Steamery’s Detergent. Either wash by hand, or if your machine has a wool setting then set it to that. This usually equates to the lowest temperature setting and lowest spin (the combination of heat and friction are what cause wool to shrink).

When it comes to drying, lie them out flat on a dry towel and air dry. This might take a while, but is the only way for it.

How do the t-shirts wash?

Much like the jumpers, our t-shirts are luxury pieces. As a result we would strongly suggest steering clear from those hot washes and scary machines called dryers. If one of our t-shirts were to come into contact with one of said offenders above, there's a good chance they wouldn't come out looking great.

As a result, we suggest washing your t-shirt on a temperature no higher than 30 (cold is better), and letting it air dry.